Mermaid Sex Doll – Ariel Sex Doll

Mythical creatures have always been subject to people’s fascination. Some of them are known for being dangerous, like dragons and leviathans. Meanwhile, others are known not just for how dangerous they are but also because of how ugly they look. Think of goblins, trolls, and Wendigos. Part of why they are scary is because of how unappealing they look. Then, there are those known for how beautiful they are. There are sparkling vampires, fairies, and mermaids. Out of these, perhaps the most interesting one is the mermaid.

A mermaid is a creature that is half human and half fish. Some folk tales about mermaids say that they lure men by their golden voices and beautiful looks and then drown them. Meanwhile, in other cultures, they are pictured as benevolent creatures. They can even sometimes fall in love with humans.

That seems to be the base of the popular fairy tale, The Little Mermaid. This is a classic story that many people love. Perhaps, it is also the most famous story about these fish-tailed ladies.

The protagonist, Ariel, is a character who has captured many people’s hearts. Aside from being kind, she also knows what she wants to do. If she has to rebel to do it, she’s going to rebel. She’s assertive and courageous, and many men like that. 

Unsurprisingly, there are people who wish they were Prince Eric. They love Ariel so much they are fantasizing about her. Unfortunately, Ariel – the little mermaid – is just a fictional character. She is not real, nor are mermaids. Historical sightings of these creatures may have been sightings of manatees. And while new stories of mermaids sightings continue to pop up, it is hard to believe in them since there is no solid proof. So sadly, one’s dreams of having sex with a mermaid may never be fulfilled.

Enter sex dolls – products that can help turn someone’s sexual fantasies into reality. Once again, they can be useful in this situation. There are two sex doll models one can buy so they can have Ariel in their bedrooms. Meet them below.


Mermaid Sex Doll - Ariel

When people are buying sex dolls, they are concerned about how life-like the models look. It is imperative for them that the doll look as realistic as possible, so they can feel like they really have a human companion. Ruby is just like that, and there’s a story to back that up. 

Once upon a time, one customer of Sexy Sell Doll bought Ruby. But they did not buy her for sexual purposes. Instead, the customer used the love doll for her environmental awareness exhibition. She prepared a costume for Ruby so she would look like a mermaid. And Ruby turned out to be a gorgeous mermaid. If she was put on the beach instead of in an exhibition hall, one would mistake her for a real one. She’s just so human-like.

With that said, you should consider getting Ruby as your Ariel sex doll. All you would need is to change her wig to make her look like the fairy tale princess. Also, you would need to make or buy her a mermaid costume as the store does not sell that. You can get a free outfit for your Ariel’s human form, though.

Now, aside from Ruby’s appearance, why should you be impressed with her? First of all, she is a TPE sex doll, so her skin is as soft as human skin. You would feel almost no difference in the texture. That also means you would find her soft, jiggly B-cup boobs satisfying to squeeze.

Ruby also has a metallic skeleton that is fully articulated. This will allow you to have sex with her in many positions. And since she has both intercourse and anal sex capabilities, you would want to do that. Ruby can also “sing into your mic.” She has an oral orifice that feels realistic. 

Her hole measurements are as follows: 6.7 inches deep for vaginal & anal orifice and 4.7 inches deep for oral orifice. With these, Ruby can give you the best sexual experience of your life. 

You would also be pleased to know that you can enjoy free shipping worldwide when you buy her from Sexy Sex Doll. Since love dolls are already costly, you would appreciate that reduction. 

 This shop is also a factory-authorized vendor. So you can rest assured that you are buying from a company you can trust. They would even show you the doll before they ship it. If you are unhappy with what you saw, they will make improvements to the doll and then ask for your approval again. You can also pay through PayPal, and if you don’t receive the item, PayPal will fully refund you. 

With all of that said, it is clear why Ruby is the best candidate for an Ariel sex doll.


Mermaid Sex Doll - Ariel

If, for some reason, you did not like Ruby, don’t worry. Here is another option. Madam Dolly’s Vixen already looks like Ariel, so there’s no need to customize. All you would need is to click “add to cart” and then checkout. However, you might want to check the free add-ons before you do that. You can order Vixen with a vagina warming dildo and an intelligent moaning system. Shipping is also free.

So what’s to love about this doll? First of all, she got that beautiful red hair and youthful look that made Ariel extra attractive. Then, like Ruby, she is made of TPE. Vixen’s orifices separate her from Ruby, though. She has a 7.1 inches deep vagina and 5.5 inches deep oral hole – beating Ruby’s 6.7 and 4.7 inches. However, Vixen loses to ruby in anal hole depth. Her anal orifice is only 6.3 inches deep – still deep, but slightly shallower than Ruby’s 6.7 inches.

Nevertheless, both are fantastic sex dolls and would be great as Ariel. It’s just a matter of your own preferences. No matter which you pick between the two, it is certain that you’ll be a happy owner. With these dolls, you can have your happily-ever-after. 

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