Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

People have always said that dreaming doesn’t cost anything. We’re free to dream of whatever we want, anytime we want. But now that we’re in the age of the future, dreams can be a reality. The internet, our laptops, and our smartphones can be seen as witchcraft more than 30 years ago. We all watch countless YouTube videos, whether in our free time or at work. A statistic provided by YouTube has shown that people tend to spend one billion hours on YouTube videos every day. But, how does this statistic correlate with sex dolls? After all, that’s why you’re here, right?

Sex dolls have been around for a long time already; In fact, they’ve been around since ancient Greek times. Pygmalion, a Greek artist, made Galatea. Pygmalion made Gatalea in the shape of a woman; he loved her to the point where he even took baths with his creation. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, then turned Gatalea into a real human, so Pygmalion and Galatea could be together forever. 

As you can see, people make sex dolls with one thing in mind: to provide both companionship and the desire that people have always wanted. Deep inside, people still seek companionship and their carnal desires. It’s human nature at this point, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that. These sex dolls give away the illusion of duking It out with your favorite YouTubers as well. 

Stay tuned, as all of these sex dolls would give you the fantasy of having sex with beauties that look vaguely reminiscent of your favorite YouTube stars. 

Maverick and Lucas – Is This The PewDiePie Sex Doll?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

Both of these sex dolls have similar eyes and body types as the world-famous YouTuber PewDiePie. Felix Kjellberg, most famously known for his YouTube persona PewDiePie, is one of the world’s most subbed YouTuber. His subscriber count has reached more than 109 million, which is an impressive figure given that he is an individual channel. 

Maverick and Lucas have a penis that both the female and the gay market could use. Both Maverick and Lucas are better suited for them to give both markets the same experience as males. What’s more, Maverick and Lucas come with an anal option as well. Both sex dolls are fully customizable, although the penis does not have a motor for a better penetrating experience. 

Hentai – Is This The Belle Delphine Sex Doll?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls


The Hentai sex doll looks similar to the infamous Belle Delphine. Delphine, one of OnlyFans’ most famous content creators, came to the spotlight after releasing a “Gamer Girl Bath Water” way back in 2019. Delphine now holds one of the most prolific OnlyFans content creators. 

Hentai provides the same fantasy as doing the star, Belle Delphine herself. It gives the anime and cosplay fan the chance to live their dream of actually being able to do one of OnlyFans’ finest. What’s more, if you don’t want to look at a doll that looks like Belle Delphine (and nobody can blame you), then they also offer to customize the doll to your liking.

Paolo – Is This The Logan Paul Sex Doll?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

One of YouTube’s finest, Paolo offers the customer the same satisfaction as Maverick and Lucas. As Paolo is more suited for the other side of the usual spectrum that purchases sex dolls, he also comes with body heating and a human voice. You can also fully customize him to look similar to your ideal man and not the face of the brother of disgraced YouTube star Logan Paul. 

Paolo is also pretty tall, standing 170cm tall. Who wouldn’t want to have a freaky time with someone with more than 20 million subscribers? Me.

Leo – The Joji Sex Doll? – Filthy Frank Is That You?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

From “Welcome to the rice field, motherfuckers!” to creating beautiful songs for sad, pre-pubescent teenage boys, Filthy Frank has defined the shift from shitposting on YouTube to being an internet success. What’s more, with Leo, then you can try and get your hands and have a fantastic night with Joji himself! 

Although he doesn’t look the same, the ideology still stands. He is fully customizable, from the dick down to the finger bones. You can opt to have him with different types of dildos for satisfaction, and he comes in with several transgender-friendly options. What’s more, Leo can come with several “heads” as well. Say that you don’t want Joji to hug you to sleep, then you can have Hernan. Though he looks like a typical Japanese businessman, he still has the same body as Leo. The same pleasure with a different face. That’s Leo’s primary purpose. 

Ton – The Lookalike Markiplier Sex Doll for Superfans?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

Ton shares some resemblance to famous American YouTuber Markiplier. 

Yes, I know he doesn’t look precisely like Markiplier, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Tom stands as tall as 180cm, which means that it’s soaring in its own right. But that’s not why you should purchase Tom when you’re a huge Markiplier fan. It would be sure to fulfill your fantasy of sleeping with Markiplier for a lot less than I assume it would take when you’d want to do it with the real person. 

Harry – Could This Be A James Charles Sex Doll?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

Though James Charles is currently under the allegation of grooming a young fan as of the time of this writing, do not be ashamed to purchase a sex doll that looks similar to him! 

The internet personality has made a name for himself through YouTube makeup tutorials which shows his creativity with a brush and a palette. Now, I know that you wouldn’t want to own a doll of someone accused of grooming. But, let’s set accusations aside and appreciate Harry as a sex doll. Harry comes with many options and accessories. One is a penis insert, and one is a stain remover. You could also opt to have him with full-body heating to get the experience you’d want fully. 

Sharon – Is This The Tana Mongeau Sex Doll?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

Don’t confuse this Sharon with RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 winner Sharon Needles. Both are made mostly with silicone, but Sharon, the sex doll, takes after famous YouTuber Tana Mongeau. 

Though Mongeau came to the public eye through YouTube, her failure to host TanaCon in 2018 will still follow her throughout her career. Don’t be afraid. Sharon won’t host an event that would result in an utter failure. Sharon is a fully customizable sex doll that would be able to provide you with a freaky night that looks eerily similar to Tana Mongeau. 

Sharon is fully customizable for free. She can come with a vaginal warming dildo and an intelligent sound system apart from the normal skin and eye color and a standing foot. 

Alessandra – Is This The Pokimane Sex Doll?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

Pokimane is a world-famous YouTube and Twitch streamer that mostly stream games such as League of Legends and Fortnite. She’s also adorable. Her dedicated fanbase and simps show us that much as well. Though nobody could do her in a million years, Alessandra would give you an idea of what it would be like to take her by the reins… maybe. 

Alessandra, just like Sharon, is fully customizable. For a fee, she can come with a vaginal warming dildo and an intelligent sound system that would provide you an experience. You can also alter her physical appearance depending on your preference. Skin and eye color and a standing foot can even opt for Alessandra. 

Beverly – Is This The Lele Pons Sex Doll?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

Though Beverly sounds like the name of someone who would consistently want to talk to their manager, this sex doll would give you a vague idea of what it’ll be like to sleep with Lele Pons. 

Though not precisely Lele Pons. Beverly shares a striking resemblance with the famous YouTube star. Granted that the doll wouldn’t be able to do the same thing that Pons does, such as sing and act, Beverly would give you the chance to ease your libido in one way or another. Just like Alessandra and Sharon, Beverly is also customizable for personal needs. 

Kim – Is This The Jenna Marbles Sex Doll?

Top 10 YouTuber Sex Dolls

Worry not, as Kim would not put on blackface like the YouTube star it resembles. 

Kim takes some inspiration from disgraced YouTuber Jenna Marbles, who quit the streaming platform after her in blackface has resurfaced online. Now that Marbles has left social media, Kim is the least you could get when it comes to wanting to have sex with a doll that looks like a disgraced YouTube star. 

What’s more, Kim comes with a variety of choices, with more than 376 face options. It also comes in a variety of customizable eye colors and even nipple color and areola size. 

When the time comes that you’d want to get a fix for your celebrity fixation, then look no further than these sex dolls. Nowadays, the purchase of sex dolls isn’t something that you should be ashamed of anymore. We live in a different time and age as time goes on. Though it isn’t entirely the same as having sex with the person they are modeled after; they’ll be good enough for when the time comes that all you ever want is a companion at night and someone who would take care of your libido for you.

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